Date: May 6th 2004
From: Shimon Gotlieb
Location: New York
Subject : Wow!!
Message : What a website!! Can't wait to buy the album!!

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Rachel Klein
Location: Melbourne
Subject : Mazel Tov
Message : Very proud to have an Adass Ozzie with such great talent.

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Chaim Garnik
Location: Australia
Subject : Yumi
Message : Just heard your cd - the tracks are beatiful and the whole thing was done amazingly - Thanks! Hope some of todays singers will learn from u Yumi. Keep it up!

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Ezra Abrahams.
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Subject : message
Message : Yumi, I love your website!!
Best of luck with the release

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Eric G.
Location: Monroe
Subject : Yumi, my man
Message : Yumi, you remind me of Dedi-=
& that's a great compliment coming from me! B'hatzlacha, and all the best!

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Family D Nussbacher
Location: Melbounre
Subject : Good Luck!!
Message : Website as at 6/5/04, the best so far!!! The video is GR8! Have forwarded your details to all our overseas contacts. Come on Aussie come on!!! Hatzlocho! Aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi!

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Moshe Gutnick
Location: Melbourne
Subject : Saw the site and video
Message : Shekoach Yumi!

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Shloime Dachs
Location : New York
Subject : New CD & Website
Message : I just saw your website & video clip. Wow! It really looks & sounds great. Gideon & Avremi G. really did a fantastic job. Looking forward to meeting you in person and doing many Simchos together. Lots of Hatzlocha.

Date: May 6th 2004
From Shlomi Hofstatter -Hoffy's Electronics.
Location : Boro Park
Subject : WOW WOW WOW
Message : Yumi ,You outdid yourself. I am looking forward tomorrow to get the tapes and cds delivered. I am proud to have such a famous star from down under as a cousin . I knew you could do it. See you in a few weeks.

Date: May 6th 2004
From: Zalmi Hoffy.
Subject : Yumi my cousin
Location : Brooklyn N.Y.
Message : Yumi Excellent Job I can't wait till it hits the road.
I can't wait to show that I have a cousin who is a super star in music. I hope the Album does very well.

Date: May 7th 2004
From: Heshy LOWY.
Subject : singer
Location : new york  ave  11210

Date: May 7th 2004
From: Toiv Lehoidois
Location : Australia
Message : Yumi
A1 ! Well Done
You should be zoceh to Kishem Hashem Nikru Ulechu ......

Date: May 7th 2004
From: Aryeh Pearlman.
Location : Staten Island, NY
Subject : MAZAL TOV
Message : The songs are beautiful and you sound great! Much Hatzlacha! It was an honor and a pleasure singing some of the choir parts with you, Gideon, and my buddies on the album. I hope to join and share in many simchas with you in the future!
Aryeh Pearlman(Shabbatones)

Date: May 7th 2004
From: Michoel Schnitzler.
Location : Sea Gate NY
Subject : New Album
Message : Mazel Tov to you, this new album is very beautiful, I really like the Songs, Arrangements, Music and Performance, and I will have some good new songs to sing here in NY.
Keep up the good work,
Michoel Schnitzler

Date: May 7th 2004
From: Motty Levine.
Location : Brooklyn
Subject : Hatzlocha
Message: Hey it's Motty - I"m sure if my father worked on this album
it will be one of the best - as you know he did work with
the "Best of the Best" !!

Date: May 7th 2004
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Subject : Mazel tov
Message : mazel tov - a job well done !!!!

Date: May 7th 2004
From: Shlomo Simcha.
Location : Toronto, Canada
Subject : Mazel Tov! & Hatslocho Raboh!
Message : I just want to wish you a "YISHAR KOIACH" for a job well done!
May you have continued success in your new endeavor and you should be Zoiche to inspire Klal Yisroel in a positive manner, AD BIAS GOEL.

Date: May 8th 2004
From: Family Feiner.
Location : London, England
Subject : New CD
Message : Great news - can't wait to hear your CD. Wishing you loads of Hatzlacha. Regards. Family Feiner

Date: May 8th 2004
From: Shauli Abelesz.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : Mazel Tov!!!
Message : Great CD!!!
We especially enjoyed the chasene clips.
Looking forward to albums 2,3, and 4...
Hatzlocho Rabbo in all your endeavours!

Date: May 8th 2004
From: Eliazar ELJON.
Location : MELBOURNE
Subject : new cd
Message : well done yumi,
we really enjoyed the lovely music.
wishing you much hatzlocho.

Date: May 8th 2004
From: Netanel Moshel.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : C.D.
Message : YOU ROCK! Finally we have a good singer from Australia!

Date: May 8th 2004
From: Arye Leib Cope.
Location: Israel
Subject : regards from us all

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Fam A Weiszberger.
Location : Australia
Subject : Yumi
Message : WOW! What a beautiful CD -May you have lots of Hatzlocho.

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Leah and Sydney Wercberger.
Location : Toronto, Canada
Subject : Mazel Tov
Message : Mazel Tov. Great website.
Hope we can get the CD here in Toronto. Best of luck.

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Moshe Wealcatch.
Location : Forest Hills, NY
Message : Mazel Tov, Yumi! As soon as I heard the songs and the music in Gideon's studio with the rest of the choir, I knew it was going to be an album that would be something special. B"H, it really does sound spectacular. IY"H u should continue to be Matzliach!

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Dedi Graucher
Location : Israel
Subject : Good Luck
Message : Dear Yumi!
Welcome to a great family that is Mesameach Am Yisrael.
I wish you and Gideon big Hatzlacha and if you need any help
please call me.

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Osher G.
Location : St. Kilda, Australia
Subject : CD
Message : Fantastic! I look forward to concerts in the near future IY"H.

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Yoseph Y. Langsam
Location : USA
Message : Dear Yumi;
I would Like to wish You Good Luck !!!
From All of us at L'chaim Productions Inc.

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Benny Friedner.
Location : Jerusalem
Subject : Thanks
Message : Hi Yumi
I want to thank you for this beautiful album.
I'm a friend of Gidon Levin for 30 years and play music all over the world.
When Gidon takes a project under his hands he is doing it with his 100% soul , and with your great talent the outcome is gorgeous.
Yishar Kochachem
This album is great!!!
Good luck
Benny Friedner

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Yisroel Rubinfeld
Location : NY
Subject : CD
Message: I want to tell u what an amazing job u did!
i listened to it a whole lag b'omer!

Date: May 9th 2004
From: Chaim Bradley.
Location : Boro Park
Subject : Album
Message : Great album, Great web site
I hope you really sell well. Hatzloocha

Date: May 10th 2004
From: Ella Gross / Hofstatter.
Location : Antwerp, Belgium
Subject : Mazl Tov
Message : Mazl tov Yumi i am wishing you a lot of hatsloche.
When are the tapes coming to antwerp?
Good luck!

Date: May 11th 2004
From:Yisroel Meir Cope.
Location : Manchester, U.K.
Subject : Copes!
Message : Hi Yumi
Arye Leib told me about your website.
Great stuff! much hatzlocha in the future.
The Copes

Date: May 11th 2004
From: Tully Kahn.
Location : Jerusalem
Subject : Yumi.Yumi.Yumi.
Message : Hi Yumi! I enjoyed very much seeing the proffesional videoclip - very impressive to see you go so far, may you be zoiche to inspire many good jews

Date: May 12th 2004
From: Eliyohu Pinchos Spielman.
Location : Manchester, England
Subject : Yumi
Message : Yumi, i met you about 8 years ago when I was in Sunderland Yeshiva - you came to play for us on Chanuka. U were amazing then so i'm not suprised that you've made a career out of your great voice. hatzlocho rabbo! cant wait to listen to the tape (ive just ordered it on your website) the video clip is great - the song is even better !
mamesh hatzlocho in all u do

Date: May 12th 2004
From: S & Z Monk.
Location : Yerushalayim
Subject : Memories
Message : Your CD is simply magic! Brings back wonderful memories of the supurb music your band played at our Chasunah! Let the world share Melbourne's treasure!
Kol-Tuv & Hatzlocha
Sruly & Zisi Monk

Date: May 13th 2004
From: Kasriel Nojowitz.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : Very impressive!
Message : Good on you Yumi, well done - we hope there is more to come!!!

Date: May 15th 2004
From: Shloime Yudkowsky.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : Yumi's CD
Message : Excellent!! GO YUMI!! B'Hatzlacha!

Date: May 15th 2004
From: Shuli Kohn.
Location : Across the road from you
Subject : Mazel Tov
Message : Well done-am really proud to have a neighbor like you! Have enjoyed hearing you rehearse all day and night!
Keep up the good work.

Date: May 16th 2004
From: Yossi Amar.
Location : Paris - France
Subject : Bravo
Message : Kol hakavod!

Date: May 16th 2004
From: Yonason Abraham
Location : London
Subject: Hatzlacha Rabba.
R' Yumi,
EXCELLENT job, good songs, top music, terrific voice. I really enjoyed the clips and video, hope to get the real thing soon.

Date: May 17th 2004
From: Schloimi Berkovits.
Location : Zurich, Switzerland
Subject : Song
Message : Great Video clip and song! You have alot of potential.

Date: May 17th 2004
From: Chaim Taylor.
Location : London
Subject : Yumi
Message : Just wanted to congratulate you Yumi on breaking into the Jewish Music scene!, from the clips i've heard so far, i like it!
btw you look a bit like Dedi! hatzlocha rabah!

Date: May 17th 2004
From: The Tirschwells.
Location : Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Subject : Your video
Message : Enjoyed your video! Looks like they really know how to have a good time down under!!

Date: May 17th 2004
From: Y. S.
Location : Montreal
Subject : Great Album!!!!
Message : Yumi, you're doing a FANTASTIC job!!! Keep up the great work!! B'Hatzlacha Raba!
P.S: Thank you very much to Mindy's Yahoo Group, without that group I wouldn't have known about your new CD or anything about other new releases in the JM world!! Thanks again Mindy!!

Date: May 17th 2004
From: C. Weiss.
Location : United States Of America
Subject : Yumi
Message : Great Album , Fabulous voice ,Wonderful Music.......
So much more to describe what a great album it is.
~ ~ ~ Yumi Rocks~ ~ ~

Date: May 18th 2004
From: Malky Roth.
Location : Monroe N.Y. USA
Subject : Dear Yumi
Message : I watched the video clips, it sounds great. I can't wait to get the tape. Good Luck on your new job.
Hatzlacha and all the best.

Date: May 19th 2004
From: Rikki Deren.
Location : Stamford, USA
Subject : Cool!
Message : Sounds really cool! Can't wait to hear the album and hope u have lots of luck, it's a really good start!

Date: May 19th 2004
From: Mendel Klagsbrun & Yoili Weiss.
Location : NY USA
Subject : Australia is rocking!
Message : Yumi, We were dancing in the office while listening to the clip. Keep up the good work, Aussie Aussie HEY!

Date: May 20th 2004
From: Akiva & Denise Hochhauser.
Location : London
Subject : Yumi - Gevaldig!
Message : Yumi - Amazing website, Amazing album! Listening to your album reminds me of your brothers chassene in London where you sang with such gevaldige regesh. Next time you are in London don't forget where your home is! Hazlocho rabboh!!

Date: May 20th 2004
From: J.J. Adler.
Location : London
Subject : WAITING
Message : Yumi
Since we left yeshiva I was waiting for this release, and now you can't even get it yet in London! Can't you do something?

Date: May 21st 2004
From: Paul Azoulay
Location: Melbourne
Message: Yumi
I purchased your music from "Merkaz Hatorah"
I hav'nt the words to describe how happy and trully
emotional it made me, listening to you.
Thankyou, your music is super.
Hatzlacha Rabba and B'sD for all the joy you bring to others.
Paul Azoulay

Date: May 24th 2004
From: A Pollak.
Location : Yerushalayim
Subject : Great Album
Message : Yumi wonderful job, thanks for making Australia proud, you're right up with the best, oh by the way you're already on Israeli radio, Hatzlacha.

Date: May 25th 2004
From: Rachel l.
Subject : Lebidig
Location : boro park
Message : I loved every song! They were so lebidig, and some were touching. Keep up the good work

Date: May 28th 2004
From: Zevi WEISS.
Location : Flatbush
Subject : cd
Message : It's a great album with a blend of really good songs.
I especially like the first song, and the music video is really good.

Date: May 28th 2004
From: Daniel Lowinger.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : You are a star!!
Message : Looks like Melbourne finally has a star wedding performer!!! Keep it up!

Date: May 28th 2004
From: Avram Zamist.
Location : Passaic Park, NJ
Subject : Sh'koiach
Message : Mazel Tov Yumi & Gideon- It was an honor to be a part of this project. Hatzlocha Raboh!

Date: May 28th 2004
From: Stevie F.
Location : Brooklyn, NY
Subject : One word
Message : Hey, I listened to the CD all night, all I can say is "WOW", this is really great.
Keep it up!

Date: May 30th 2004
From: Gedaliah Levin.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : Great Album
Message : It's great to have some Melbournian talent hitting the mass Jewish Music market!
The songs are great and may you continue mei'chayil el choyil.
Also nice job on the video clip.
And thank you for the insider info prior to the release ;-)

Date: May 30th 2004
From: Benny Hershkovitz.
Location : N.Y. Boro-Park
Subject : Yumi
Message : I just gut A "YUMI" Tape from Gideon.
Wow! It really sounds great.
You & Gideon really did a fantastic job. Looking forward for more.
Lots of Hatzlocha.

Date: May 30th 2004
From: Yair Lehrer.
Location : London UK
Subject : UK Fan
Message : Hey Yumi - heard clips and sounds amazing. I can't wait till the cd comes to London and for you to come to London!!!
Hatzlachah. kol tuv. Yair

Date: May 30th 2004
From: Shimshon & Elly.
Location : Lakewood NJ
Subject : Your proud Cousins
Message : Dear Yumi,
Great album! reminds us of the great shabbos we had together, cant wait to have you again, we went shopping today, your voice is all over the place,
May Hashem give you much sucess in your new career.

Date: May 30th 2004
From: Peshy Pashkez.
Location : Boro park
Subject : The wonder from down under
Message : Yumi! We loooove da album!!!
may you continue to bring such simcha to Klal Yisroel
(cant wait to hear you in concert!)

Date: June 1st 2004
From: Meir Hershkowitz.
Location: USA
Subject : Great Album!
Message : I really enjoyed listening to your tape. Your singing sounds top-notch.
Glad I was able to help out.
You should continue to be Matzliach!

Date: June 2nd 2004
From: Dovid Frenkel.
Subject : Yumi is good
Message : Greetings from Melbourne ure home town. you're music is really good i really like aleinu cause of the yiddish cause yiddesh rocks well better then hebrew neway, keep up the good work and keep making those yiddish songs tata.

Date: June 4th 2004
From: Sruly Szydlo.
Subject : AMAAZING!!!
Location : Lakewood, NJ
Message : Dear Yumi, loved your video clip especially Shauly's Chasunah, you really got us all rocking!!! Just heard you on Lakewood's Jewish radio station 107.9, your'e all over the place!! What's next? Waltzing Matilda with a real AUSSIE flavor?!?!?!? Keep it up, Sruly
Date: June 5th 2004
From: Max Holland.
Location : White Springs,CO
Subject : Good Job!.Good Luck!.
Message : Yumi is fine music.
Date: June 6th 2004
From: Yitzy D.
Location : Sydney Australia
Subject : Nachas!
Message: I checked out your website and I have to say I am very impressed. It is very professional, the video clip is fantastic, and the music is right up there in MBD and Avraham Fried etc class - Well Done! As your uncle, I expect VIP tickets at your concerts which judging from the feedback on your web site, shouldn't be too far off!

Date: June 7th 2004
From: Yeshivah College Year 7.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : Thanx
Message : Thanx for the amazing job you did at Boruch Sabbah and Avremel Kaminetzky's barmitzvah's!
Yeshivah Year 7

Date: June 10th 2004
Location : ENGLAND
Subject : MUSIC

Date: June 17th 2004
From: M. Rosenbaum.
Location : Brooklyn
Subject : Yumi
Message : Yumi I love your music so much, you have so much talent!
Thank You 4 bringing such gr8 JEWISH music.
Yumi is the best!

Date: June 17th 2004
From: Zwi Meisner.
Subject : Your CD
Location : Amsterdam Holland
Message : Dear Jumi, Recieved your CD. We are really enjoying it. regards from

Date: June 19th 2004
From: Malky Roth.
Location : Monroe, NY
Subject : Yumi's cd
Message : Yumi. I just recieved your cd today and listened to it right when I came home, the Video clip is very kewl and the CD all together is:
A mazing
B eautiful
C atchy
D ancy
E xcellent
F antabulous
G reat
H eimish
I nvaluable
J ust
K ewl
L ebedig
M ost
N ice
O utstanding
P leasurable
Q uality
R are
S pecial
T errific
U nbelievable
V oice
W onderful
X -tra
Y ou are one in a
Z illion
Keep up the great work!!!!

Date: June 25th 2004
From: Avraham Fried.
Location : Crown Heights, NY.
Subject : The Mitzvah
Message : Yumi, my dear brother, you surely know the big mitzvah you are doing by being mesameach Yiddish kinderlach. May you bring Moshiach bimhairah!

Date: June 25th 2004
From: Refoel Gutnick.
Location : Melbourne
Subject : u rock
Message : U rock- at last we have a singer from Australia!

Date: June 25th 2004
From: Sroli Gutnick.
Subject : Cool
Location : Melbourne
Message : It's really cool that some1 from Melbourne made a album.

Date: June 27th 2004
From: Robert T.
Location : Delaware, USA
Subject : Mazel Tov
Message : Mazel Tov Yumi. All your songs are great.
I can't wait to get your CD.I hope you have lots of Hatzlacha.

Date: June 27th 2004
From: Yizchok Hirsh.
Location : Israel
Subject : The old Gateshead friends
Message : I can't believe u became so famous so quickly! Everyone seems to love your album! We all heard u here on Toker's show! We also heard u were here for Eli Laufer's chasuna but didn't get to see u even though i tried, so good luck and keep up the great work. from all your sebba house friends! keep in contact!

Date: July 2nd 2004
From: Arie Ross.
Location : Beitar, Israel
Subject : Wonderful, Yesh Ha Koach
Message : I recently purchased your cd your music is just wonderful.
When are you coming to Israel next?
Look forward to seeing you.
HatSlacha and Chazak.

Date: July 6th 2004
From: C. Weiss.
Location : Boro Park, Brooklyn
Subject : Everything bout u!!
Message : HEY Yumi
I love ur music, u sing with so much heart and soul and so lebedig. I have listened to your album countless times and there is no such thing as TOO MUCH. IY"H AFTER the 3 weeks ur the first one on my list, cuz
Yumi ur Music is Incredible!!
Thanks agian,

Date: July 11th 2004
From: Aryeh Leib Freedman.
Location : Monsey, NY
Subject : Amazing voice and compositions
Message : I have 98% of every tape in jm that came out in the last five to seven years let me tell you it a pleasure to be able to listen to a album that rocks and is amazing from beginning to end . From songs to voice to talent to compositions. I can't stop listening to the album. Keep it up as it says in the chumash music lifts the soul and you dont know what a gevaldiga z'chus you have and you should keep it up dont let any one get to you- hatzlacha raba !!!!!!!

Date: July 19th 2004
From: Batya Arnison.
Location : Jerusalem
Subject : Yasher Koach Yumi!
Message : What a great suprise it was to see you had released a CD! i must be behind the times!! May Hashem help you with all your future endeavors!! kol tuv, Batya

Date: July 28th 2004
Location : ENGLAND
Subject : CD

Date: July 28th 2004
From: S C.
Location: USA
Subject : Gevaldik!!!
Message : OY! This is mamesh Gevaldik!
This is a geshmakeh cd! Laybadik music! Lots of ruach!

Date: July 29th 2004
From: M. W.
Location : boro park
Subject : yumi u r the best!
Message : Hi yumi
I love your music so much!
guess what? as soon as tisha be'ov was over that is wednesday afternoon i listened to your music. t'was a hit!
when are you coming to NY?

Date: August 4th 2004
From: Dudi Hofstatter.
Location : Antwerpen, Belgium
Subject : New CD
Message : Yumi it is very nice -
whenever i want to hear music i hear your tape
good luck- from your cousin Dudi Hofstatter

Date: August 5th 2004
From: Yoel Zeilic.
Location : Sydney, Australia
Subject : Great Album
Message : I really loved the album especially "Mizmor Ldavid".
All the songs are really well composed and Yumi's voice is great!!! Looking forward to the next album

Date: August 8th 2004
From:Moshe Katz.
Location : Manchester, UK
Subject : The UK applauds Aussie Singer
Message : Hi Yumi
Great stuff, youve got the geordies on the tyne singin aal the way yem. champion grade A material....! Snip are now selling the CD (£2.99 and a penny change thanks now mee flower!!!)
keep up the good work.
Moshe Katz

Date: August 21st 2004
From: Lior Gabay - -
Location : Cyberspace
Subject : Hatzlocha
Message : Yumi, I'd like to say that your album is fantastic! I finally got a chance to listen to it completely, and was blown away. I look forward to doing many more interviews with you!
---Lior Gabay---

Date: August 28th 2004
From: Sury Baum.
Location : Boro Park
Subject : Geshmake Album
Message : Hey you really have talent!
Your voice and your krechzes are really amazing.
Your album is fabulous.
We bought as soon as we heard you in Nachum Segal's studio. Hatzluchah

Date: September 21st 2004
From: Moshe Yosef Fordsham.
Location : Gateshead, UK
Subject : Gateshead Yeshiva Choir Scores Again!
Message : Just saw your website. Fantastic! I thing that GYC was your real debut album! The video is excellent - really professional. Hatzlocho rabbo and keep them coming!!!

Date: September 22nd 2004
From: Boruch Grossberger.
Location : Los Angeles CA, USA (Manchester, UK)
Subject : Yumi
Message : Yumi I cant believe it.. I just discovered this site! and Im not surprised. You were always good since those Gateshead days!!!! Never under-esimate your roomates.....I hope your CD is available here!

Date: October 5th 2004
From: S G.
Location : Spain
Subject : vyoru vyoru vyoru mimeko!!!
Message : BH
Happy Succos!
We like your video clip vyoru mimekoh.
waiting for more obviously

Date: November 5th 2004
From: Eli Gewirtz.
Location : Far Rockaway, NY
Subject : CD
Message : Your CD is geshmack!


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